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Israel Continues Assault on East Jerusalem’s Issawiya

Tania Kepler and Itamar Haritan - AIC  - Sunday, 14 November 2010 -





Israeli military and police forces entered the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Al Issawiya for several days last week, arresting 5 and demolishing several structures.


On Wednesday morning (10 November), dozens of Israeli forces raided the northern entrance of Al-Isawiya while others entered through the south, residents reported.

The police actions came several days after Issawiya residents threw stones at a car of Israeli university students who entered the area.


Israeli police and security forces then entered the neighborhood, claiming residents owned outstanding Jerusalem municipality taxes. Police and Border Guard forces arrested five residents, accused of rioting, on Wednesday night.


According to residents, throughout the week check points throughout the neighborhood targeted drivers, remanding almost 80 percent of vehicles that were pulled over to have service performed on them or face a revocation of permits for the cars, reported Maan news.


On Thursday morning (11/11) the Jerusalem Municipality and Israeli Nature and Parks Authority demolished at least 3 livelihood-related structures, including 2 animal barracks and a storage for fodder. In addition, they destroyed around 20 trees. The owner of the structures apparently received a notice from the municipality on Wednesday, giving him only 12 hours to remove the structures, allegedly on the grounds that they were located in a 'public' area.


On 27 October, the Israeli military demolished 9 livelihood-related structures located on the agricultural lands of Issawiya, located between Jerusalem and the Israeli settlement Ma’ale Adumim. In addition, an estimated 400 trees were uprooted. The structures belonged to 10 Palestinian families.


In late September, 18 month-old Mohammed Abu Sneneh of Issawiya, died from tear gas inhalation, after Israeli police officers fired large amounts of the tear gas at Palestinians protesting in the village. According to his uncle, Ahman Abu Sara, family members were unable to reach a nearby hospital because of the clashes, and took the boy to a clinic where he was treated and released. Three hours later, Abu Sara said, the boy's mother found him dead.


Tensions in Issawiya are expected to continue. A number of other homes and structures in the village also have outstanding demolition orders and remain at risk. The village is currently seeking legal representation in order to counter the increasing threats from the Jerusalem government.


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