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 At this editorial office, even though we do not always agree with the declarations made by the authors quoted in our articles, we believe that they are still useful sources of information and of reflection.

As we do not favour any particular side and as we respect the freedom of thought and expression which are guaranteed constitutionally, we believe it would be our utmost right to give space to many of those voices of dissent, which are denied elsewhere.

The  Reality  Of  Israel




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Jewish woman, Nurit Peled , tells the truth about Israel ....Israeli peace activist Professor Nurit Peled whose own 13-year-old daughter was killed by a suicide bomber in 1997 but instead of speaking against the palestinians, she speaks in favour of them and reveals the reality of Israel

"My little girl was murdered because she was an Israeli, by a young man who was humiliated, oppressed and desperate to the point of suicide and murder and inhumanity, just because he was a Palestinian."

Una donna israeliana, Nurit Peled,  ci dice la verita’ su Israele....

Attivista pacifista israeliana, la Professoressa Nurit Peled,  la cui figlia di 13 anni è stata ammazzata da un attentatore suicida nel 1977, invece  di parlare contro i palestinesi, ne parla a favore e rivela la realta’ di Israele.


“La mia piccola bambina fu uccisa perchè era israeliana, da un giovane uomo che fu umiliato, oppresso e disperato a tal punto di uccidersi, uccidere, disumanamente, solo perchè era palestinese.

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News  from  the  Holy  Land

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